Organisation and planning

Organisation and planning are the antidote to stress. Make sure your employees are well coordinated so they all know what they have to do and when they have to do it. See to it that your employees have a say in deciding their working hours and the nature of their work.

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Tips for your business

  • Introduce short daily meetings

    For example, when everyone has arrived, a maximum of 15 minutes and preferably standing up: at short daily meetings, everyone talks about what happened yesterday, where any problems occurred and what lies ahead today. This kind of short discussion is an efficient way of keeping teams informed and coordinating them.
  • Give your employees the freedom to organise themselves

    Employees are more satisfied and perform better when they feel responsible for their own work and are free to decide how to break down how they intend to achieve their goals at work. Short team meetings at the start of the day provide an ideal opportunity to discuss the demands facing the business. It's a chance for everyone to share their day-to-day objectives and either offer or ask for support.
  • Check the volume of work for your team

    Check the workload for your team if individual team members appear to be overburdened. Check your priorities and then plan how to allocate tasks within the team. Your employees know their own workload and any free capacity they may have better than anyone.
  • Share tasks out together

    Get your team involved in the allocation of tasks and ask them what their preferences are. This can increase motivation and enjoyment at work; it may also help you identify strengths in employees that you did not know they had.

Everything perfectly organised?

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