IT firm in the canton of Zurich

At a start-up like ours, a lot needs to be done to build up the business and there are many things that still need to be sorted out. There is always more work than we can actually handle. In this situation, it's all the more important to think about our employees: they are our most important asset.

Portrait photo Gregor Erismann

Gregor Erismann, Chief Commercial Officer and member of the board

IT firm, Zurich
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Being able to say no

We have the typical start-up problem: we're in the process of building things up, there's always more to be done and we can never say we’re finished. This quietly leads to an excessive burden – for all employees. That's why it's tremendously important to set the right priorities. We, as the management team, try to lead by example and help our employees do the same. We all need to learn to say no sometimes.

A shared goal promotes unity

Many of our employees are tied up with programming all day. We are an international and highly mobile team. This means that it's not always easy to share experiences and it can be hard to identify problems or conflict. But what really unifies us is our shared goal. And we join forces as we work towards this goal. Some may find this a bit matter-of-fact, but our shared mission plays an important part in our togetherness.

I want people to feel a sense of community within the business

The period of working from home was very challenging for us. Not least because those chance encounters at the coffee machine were suddenly a thing of the past. We tried to make up for these things with informal digital formats. But we will meet up again outside more often and create that sense of community as soon as we can.

Gregor Erismann at an event
After a long time working from home, we will see more of each other again and create that sense of community as soon as we can.

I am continuing to develop my management skills

As a member of the management team, I shape the environment in which our employees spend a lot of their time. It's important to me to inform myself about issues such as health or employee satisfaction. I listen to podcasts on these matters and have also been exchanging ideas with a coach for years.