Prevent chronic illnesses such as headache or back pain by setting up office workstations with good ergonomics. Make the working environment safe and train your employees in how to prevent accidents. This will help you avoid loss of time, which is unpleasant for everyone at the business and often costly too.


Tips for your business

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    Create space and light

    Space to move around, light, air conditioning and little noise are the main factors that characterise a pleasant workplace. Check whether there are measures that you can implement: simple steps are often all it takes to improve the overall situation. A bit more space between desks, soundproofing between workstations or the option to adjust the lighting for individual workstations.
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    Create places staff can retreat to

    Having separate rooms for important and discreet discussions, work that requires concentration or phone calls is a simple way of ensuring a certain level of privacy in the workplace. You can also meet this need with some careful positioning of furniture.

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