Advertising agency in the canton of Vaud

As an advertising agency, we are constantly looking for creative solutions. In times of stress, this can lead to a kind of mental exhaustion, and it’s really important to me that my employees stay healthy. The coronavirus crisis has made it even clearer to me that togetherness and the dynamics within the team are a crucial part of this.

Portrait photo Michael Kamm

Michael Kamm, CEO

Agence Trio, Vaud
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Sport helps us combat stress

I find physical activity to be a good way of dealing with stress at work. Our employees can take advantage of subsidised fitness activities if they wish. We also have our own jogging group; it’s easier to go out running together. So, we try to encourage people to take up sport and thereby prevent stress.

Listening is one of my most important tasks

Listening is half the job when it comes to dealing with employees. If I, as the boss, want to find out about problems and conflict early, I need to listen. This is a sort of investment and takes up time, but it’s worth it. I get a better understanding of what's on our people’s minds and can help find a solution.

Michael Kamm talking with an employee in the workplace.
Togetherness and the dynamics within the team are crucial to the health of my employees.

I define clear rules for working from home

When we started working from home, I was worried that work and home life might blend into one. That people might not be able to switch off. So, we came up with a set of rules regarding communication: no e-mails outside working hours and nobody had to remain available for contact in the evenings. To do this, we defined a time frame of six hours in the day when everyone had to be reachable.

We enjoy a good laugh together

Humour is good for our health, which makes it an important part of our corporate culture. Having a laugh together, sharing a coffee or sending a postcard to an employee's home every now and again: this makes our company come alive as an employer. These are small things, but they require attention and time.