Work-life balance

There is a growing tendency for work to encroach on people’s free time. That's why it’s all the more important to ensure a balance that allows employees to recuperate. Exercise and a healthy diet help sustain both physical and mental health. And a bit of serenity helps keep things in perspective.


Tips for your business

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    Set priorities

    You yourself should mainly take care of important tasks that no one else can take on. Deal with the more urgent of these immediately and schedule those that are less urgent. You will then have a better insight into whether you still have sufficient resources yourself for them. Delegate urgent but less important tasks to employees. Every now and again, you can even simply leave tasks that are neither important nor urgent to one side.
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    Choose set time slots for breaks

    It might seem old-fashioned, but it helps: choose set times for breaks and encourage employees to observe them. This helps people relax and encourages communication within the team.

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